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"Astronaut Toys
Apollo and Space Shuttle male and female posable astronaut action figures.
Shuttle Models
Space Shuttle Discovery models you build and paint. For astronauts of all ages.
Shuttle Toys
Space Shuttle Discovery Toys for kids or collectors. With boosters or without.

Science Fiction
From Retro Rockets to Star Trek and Star Wars. Science Fiction pushes us to achieve.
Shuttle Replicas
Great for NASA space collectors or museums. High quality space shuttle replicas.

What's Your Mission? ™

Look at all the space stuff ON SALE!

Aircraft Models are On Sale
Space Charts are On Sale
Flying Rockets are On Sale
Flying Kites are On Sale
Mission Patches are On Sale
Space Food is On Sale
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Mars mud, mars sand and other fascinating space items for birthday parties.

Apollo Toys
The Apollo missions Lunar Landers and Saturn V Rockets inspire science and promote education.
Flight Suits
Dress like a NASA astronaut with our Space Shuttle astronaut flight suits and costumes.

Apollo Replicas
Fantastically detailed Apollo astronauts, capsules, and rockets. Apollo space memorabilia.
Space Suits
Space Toys Space Suits are detailed and wearable. A must for the museum or space center.

Glow in the Dark
Stars & Planets, Black Lights, Stickers and Plastic Stars. Make an amazing glowing night sky.
Aircraft Replicas
High quality commercial, experimental and civilian aircraft. Great gifts for pilots.
The Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus and even Floating globes.
Wall Murals
Make your room look
like the moon. Space wallpaper with maps and stars."

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Astronomy & Science Calendars, Posters, & Gallery Prints



Universe of the Hubble Space Telescope Calendar

Nikon's Small World Calendar

Hubble Space Telescope Tee Shirts

Hubble Telescope Poster Series

Hubble Deep Field Video

Tadpole Galaxy Poster

Cone Nebula Poster

Omega Nebula Poster

Hubble Ultra Deep Field Gallery Print

Astronomical Observing Log





The Book Store

Get your astronomy products here!



Astronomy books, software, telescopes


Books from our "Astronomy Library":



The Facts on File Space and Astronomy Handbook

The Hubble Space Telescope

Exploring Our Solar System

The National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space

The Handy Space Answer Book

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Recommended Software:




Recommended Book:




Recommended Telescopes:




Galileo FS-102DX 1100MM X 102MM Catadioptric Telescope

Tasco 25X30mm Hand-Held Telescope

Tasco 40076420 Luminova 420X76mm Reflector Telescope

Tasco Novice 350X50mm Refractor Telescope







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WHAT IS ASTRONOMY?According to the American Heritage Dictionary, "Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe beyond the earth, esp. the observation, calculation, and theoretical interpretation of the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena."

Celestial bodies and phenomena included in the study of astronomy are:

The Universe

The Solar System

The Sun

The Planets & Satellites

(Interplanetary Space)





The Stars

(Interstellar Space)


The Space Age (Itself)


Instruments used in astronomy

Reflecting & Refracting Telescopes, etc.


The "astron" of astronomy is derived from the Greek, meaning star.

There are a number of words which are derived from "astron" and/or which complement or supplement astronomy. These include:

Astrochemistry–"The chemistry of stars and interstellar space."

Astrodynamics–"The dynamics of celestial bodies."

Astrogate–"To navigate a space craft."

Astrogeology–"The geology of celestial bodies."

Astrolabe–"A medieval instrument used to determine the altitude of the sun and other celestial bodies."

Astrometry–"The scientific measurement of the positions and motions of celestial bodies."

Astronaut–"A person trained to pilot, navigate, or otherwise participate in the flight of a spacecraft."

Astronautics–"The science and technology of space flight."

Astronavigation–"Navigation of spacecraft." "Celestial navigation."

Astronomer–"A scientist specializing in astronomy."

Astrophotographer–"Astronomical photographer."

Astrophysics–"The physics of stellar phenomena."

There is also "Astrionics" which is "Electronics used in astronautics."


A Career in Astronomy

Often those seeking a career in astronomy or "space science" think "astronomer" or "astronaut" but the above word list shows that there are numerous areas of interest for those seeking a career in the "scientific study of the universe." Also, astronomy might be called a "combination science" in that it can be combined with other sciences and even arts–Photography, physics, geology, chemistry, etc. There is also "Radio Astronomy." As for the arts, there are artists who specialize in "celestial" art and printmaking, astronomy posters. Sculptors are also intrigued by the stars and planets and so are poets and other writers.

Computer Science:

Computers have made their contribution to the science of astronomy with astronomy software, helping in the areas of observation, calculation (the mathematics of astronomy) and astronomy theory as well as general information and education, and in the invention of computerized telescopes.


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Albert Einstein Theory of Relativity: Sweatshirt

Rocket Fitted T-Shirt

Space Shuttle Launch Baseball Jersey

Solar System Large Framed Astronomy Print

Space Aliens Trucker Hat

Galileo Was Wrong Large Mug

Amateur Astronomer Trucker Hat

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